June 2012 news

07 Jun 2012 9:29 AM | Anonymous
I'll be doing the Cougar Mountain Race Series 8 mile race this 16th and I encourage you to do the same. It's an 8 mile race so the route will be similar to the usual HHRG run. And, the race starts at 9 am, which is slightly more civilized than our usual 8 am push-off. While it may seem a little silly to pay to run the same trails you run for free the rest of the year, please consider that the Cougar Mountain Race Series organizers have put years of effort into signage and maintenance at Cougar. They are the main reason the trails are the best around year round. There were several windstorms last winter, and all trees were cleared within a week. Also, those trails drain relatively well during and after wet spells, which keep them runnable all year. So, with that in mind, the race fee is a real bargain. You're supporting the magical trail fairies!

We also have four special events coming up this summer:

1. June 23 is our First Annual Sexy Shirt Run. This idea was conceived on a wet winter Saturday run and therefore has been long in the waiting. The concept is that most, if not all, of us have at one time purchased a sexy shirt with the best of intentions to wear it in public but have so far been without the occasion/bravery to do so. Well, we provide the occasion! You provide the bravery, which should be easier at 8 am in a forest with a bunch of other ladies. Wearing a sexy shirt is not required, but it is of course encouraged. Sexy dresses are also totally in as long as they do not hinder your awesome stride. Note that you'll get whatever it is sweaty, though. For some sexy attire, this could spell ruin. At usual Saturday run location and time, no RSVP required.

2. July 28th is the White River 50. A few of you are running it, but the rest of you should consider supporting the mile 17 aid station at Corral Pass. We are sharing this station with The Balanced Athlete. If you've never done an aid station, you should - it's a total hoot, it's helpful to see a race from "the other side", and you're supporting race organizers and other runners. To sweeten the pot, after all the racers go by, there is the option to run downhill back to the start via either the 17 miles that racers ran up or the 10ish mile route that racers run down. Both routes are beautiful with huge views and solid trails... and did I mention all downhill, dig it! Think about it, and if you decide to join us, please RSVP on the website so that I can correspond with you directly closer to the event.

3. August 10-12 is the HHRG Enchantments fast hike/run. I pushed back the original dates by a week. Read the description on the HHRG website, which I still think is my best possible effort to advertise paradise using the English language. Please RSVP as soon as you know you will make it. I will arrange for accommodations soon, and a rough head count is helpful for this! If you already signed up for the August 3-5 dates and you haven't told me you can't make the new dates, I'll move you over to the new list.

4. August 18 will be the First Annual HHRG Menvitational. Bring your partners/friends to the Saturday run, regardless of gender. Feminine attire is encouraged but not required. Welcoming, supportive environment will be provided. Celebrate everyone! I picked August 18th because August is named after a guy and 18 is the age of consent... around these parts anyway. At usual Saturday run location and time, no RSVP required.

Finally, speaking of sexy shirts, HHRG tshirts are on the way! I'll be bringing them to the Saturday runs starting in a few weeks. Details coming soon!

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