A few words about speed

26 Mar 2012 6:28 PM | Anonymous
It's tough to describe speed on the trails, but I'll try since the issue comes up frequently.

We generally break into two or three groups in the first 1/4 mile. All have a great social vibes and positive outlooks, but they have different outlooks about speed.

The "black diamond" group tends to have a lot of running experience, "prey drive", and the body mechanics to move fast. They can't all make the Saturday run all the time due to other commitments. So, we are currently looking to build this group further. If you are interested in coming out but are worried you won't get a good enough workout, I dare you to try this group. If it disappoints, I can point out an extra two mile loop that will have you trying really hard to get back to the parking lot before the rest of us do. Trail experience is not required; if you're fast on pavement, you'll be fast on trails, and you'll get some great tips from experienced trail runners.

The "blue square" group is now a really good solid group with a relatively wide range of trail experience, "prey drive" and body mechanics. Many have always run for recreation or have some sort of prior competitive or daring sports experience such as soccer, mountain biking and skiing. Some are building speed, some are using this as a recovery run, some are using this as their only weekly run. Some of them fast walk a few of the bigger hills, but overall they keep a peppy pace on flats and they often scream down the downhill sections.

The "green circle" group is a very inspiring mix of people very new to trail running, people recently beginning to build running fitness, expectant mothers and every once in a while someone with a hangover. Maybe a dozen women have lost their trail virginity on our Saturday runs, and they've loved it. This group walks most of the significant hills and otherwise hold what I'm guessing is a pace equivalent to an 11 or 12 minute mile on flat pavement. This group is very solid; while each week new people show up, there has been a consistently strong showing at this speed.

I hope that answers most questions. As always, if you want to know more, feel free to email me!
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