Where do new HHRG runners come from?

08 Feb 2014 4:48 PM | Anonymous

Really I would love to know. HHRG has been around for 2.5 years, growing slowly but steadily to about 120 runners. Then from November 2013 to February 2014, we grew to about 180 runners, a pretty sudden jump. Totally not sure why. Totally excited.

We have a few friends in the business, including The Balanced Athlete, Evergreen Trail Runs and Super Jock ‘n Jill, who supported us immediately at our debut in 2011 and continue to send runners our way.

Last summer we got some sunshine from TrailRunner magazine in the article “How to Start Your Own Running Group.” We made the cut for Seattle Bike Gurl’s running list. We also recently got mention in an article about various free and fee-based athletic programs in “How to Rock an Outdoor Winter Workout” in ParentMap.

I often ask new people how they found out about HHRG, and most answer that they heard from a friend of the friend.

Today we had three new-to-us runners, and one was there with a friend who’d been there before. But one new runner said her dental hygienist had told her about HHRG. Perfect. (Thanks Drew! We were pretty sure it was you!) And we had one woman today who hadn’t met any of us before. She’d emailed me the night before just to see what would happen, and of course I told her I was excited for her to come out.

My favorite new runners are those who show up knowing no one. So. Brave. I mean, there is nothing to be brave about really. You will be quickly assimilated and have a great time. But there are so many reasons that one could think up to go to a parking lot at 8 am on a Saturday to face strangers.

So what will you see when you show up at the parking lot? Something like the picture below, especially if it’s raining. Walk right up to us, and we will start talking to you. We start off each run by getting in a circle and sharing names and distance goals. Then we all take off together, no one left behind, heads counted at every intersection. No lies. And coffee after! So come on out! And as always feel free to contact us if you need a nudge.

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